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The Full Story


The Diaspora Arts Council is a Caribbean-American Advisory Committee of mission-critical advocates, art patrons, cultural curators, event mavens, technologists and leaders in the space of media & entertainment. The Diaspora Arts Council was formed due to a lack of representation and meaningful programming geared towards the Caribbean-American community and the wider American society. The Diaspora Arts Council is an initiative adopted and implemented as a key roadmap and guiding project geared towards a slate of unprecedented programs that tell the tale, through cultural education and engagement— of the Caribbean-American community’s tremendous contributions in art, culture, film, sport, civic engagement, business, history and innovation.


The Diaspora Arts Council’s mission is to lead, preserve, highlight, invest, educate and connect art enthusiasts and the wider society to a broad range of Caribbean-American Artistic heritage & programming that would advance the cultural landscape of the Caribbean-American community.


Our goal is to foster and advance greater strategic initiatives & programming that would lay the foundation to be the catalyst for perhaps the greatest sustainable platform to honor and showcase the achievements of our Caribbean-American heroes, artists, innovators, history & culture.

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